Funtendoland Update

Greetings Questrs! I'm Nick, an artist and producer at Mutant Studios, and I'm here with big news which will result in a long post so here goes! We've come to the decision to lower the base price of Questr from $14.99 down to $2.99. This is clearly a big drop in price and a big, permanent decision which we did not come to lightly. Therefore we want to be as transparent about it as possible. From feedback we recognize that we missed the mark on this by a lot and we take full responsibility for any feelings this causes, especially for those who already bought the game. Our goal is always to ensure we are providing a quality experience for the price and we think this change will bring Questr closer to that goal. First of all, we want to explain briefly about why we made the initial price decision. We spent almost a year on Questr and along the way we were committed to making something that was entertaining and had good replay value. As silly as the premise is, a lot went in

Questr Releases October 27th

Hi Everyone, We're very excited to announce that Questr will transition from Early Access to Release on October 27th. Available on Steam Included in the launch patch is the new Wandering Merchant feature. The Merchant has a random chance of mysteriously appearing on a Story Path with 3 random tickets and/or contracts that change up gameplay. The tickets and contracts offer trade offs to things like number of swipes and starting morale. Tickets are good only for the next quest, while Contracts last the entirety of the Story Path. In our internal testing we've really been enjoying this new feature and we think players will too. Also included in the launch patch is the new Encounter Profile cards. Each Encounter type will have its own personality trait as well as some likes and dislikes. The traits and likes/dislikes are meant to offer some hints as to which Questr in the party might have an idea on how to deal with that particular Encounter. We're also happy to announce that

Setting up Steam Achievements in Unity C#

Hey everybody, my name is Steven and I'm the lead programmer over here at Mutant Studios. We've been hard at work on our new game Questr and it's finally entering it's final stages for launch. A couple weeks ago we started getting into Steam integration, which included Achievements. Being unfamiliar with Steamworks the first thing I did was go to google. The top result I found with example code was this  GitHub repo, which is a C# port of the official Steamworks example. This example was an excellent starting point to get going quickly, but it was very quickly apparent that a more flexible system was needed. I'll go over the issues that I had one by one, then show the ways that I improved upon the given code. example code: private enum Achievement : int { ACH_WIN_ONE_GAME, ACH_WIN_100_GAMES, ACH_HEAVY_FIRE, ACH_TRAVEL_FAR_ACCUM, ACH_TRAVEL_FAR_SINGLE, }; private Achievement_t[]


Hi again everyone, We're hard at work on Questr here at MES. For today's blog post I decided against detailing a big list of features or a design perspective, rather I thought you might like to know a bit about how Questr was initially concepted and came into being. MES has primarily been a strategy gaming studio, as our first title C63 is a U.S. civil war hex based strategy game. C63's backend technology is extremely solid and we have a lot of time and energy invested into the game. C63 has proven to be a moderate success for us however as we developed the game, we realized that the User Interface side of the game (build in Flash) was really holding it back from what we wanted it to be. With that in mind, roughly one year ago we set out to relaunch the C63 technology into Clash of Command. We spent the previous year building a demo and preparing to pitch it to some of the largest strategy gaming publishers. After meeting with a few publishers it became apparent that w


Swipe Right for Adventure... June 1st, 2017 - Chico, CA - Mutant Entertainment Studios has announced its next game: “Questr” for Windows PCs. Questr is a lighthearted look at what a fantasy RPG would look like in a world with the likes of Tinder. Epic quests need Heroes who need each other. Build your party around personalities to go on grand rouge-like adventures. Hilarious encounters! Drama! Fish? Put your reputation on the line as you unlock story paths and new maps, take on random quests, and defeat shopkeepers daughters? Although come to think of it, that sounds a bit dangerous. Why don’t you open up your Questr app and swipe right on some local singl… I mean local adventurers, to do the dirty work for you. Questr is designed to appeal to players 12 and up and includes something for everyone. “From collectors to competitors, and explorers to achievers we’ve designed Questr around a few core design principles that make the game fun for everyone, while not takin