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Questr Releases October 27th

Hi Everyone, We're very excited to announce that Questr will transition from Early Access to Release on October 27th. Available on Steam Included in the launch patch is the new Wandering Merchant feature. The Merchant has a random chance of mysteriously appearing on a Story Path with 3 random tickets and/or contracts that change up gameplay. The tickets and contracts offer trade offs to things like number of swipes and starting morale. Tickets are good only for the next quest, while Contracts last the entirety of the Story Path. In our internal testing we've really been enjoying this new feature and we think players will too. Also included in the launch patch is the new Encounter Profile cards. Each Encounter type will have its own personality trait as well as some likes and dislikes. The traits and likes/dislikes are meant to offer some hints as to which Questr in the party might have an idea on how to deal with that particular Encounter. We're also happy to announce that